mediterranean sea

finally! sun, warm - my kind of place. and i really like the north-Italian traffic, suits me well

the bus did the Alps, with some struggle. the uphills weren't that good. but the down hills on the other hand! on the "bahn" witk 100km/h and hills the bus did a bit more than 14l per 100km. well... not that bad, but when the fuel litre costs 1.99 it IS bad :)

anyway we are over the Alps, in the Mediterranean sea, now just follow the coast line and all is good!

word of advice - if You drive from Milano to Genova, don't use the highway. we followed the SS35, small road. in the dark, it climbed again and again, bus had it's problems... but then there was the downhill road which was just f*** masterpiece. turn after turn after turn. even brakes started to feel a bit less productive in the end. and it seems You don't really need map or GPS in cities. we used compass in Genova and got out good :) maps are too mainstream!