Spain & French thief

we decided to do one thing no proper VW owner would do - keep on trucking. bus drives, but lacks power. especially on the hilly coast line roads. well... right now i'm in Spain. yesterday night i decided to spend on some small French gas station parking lot - almost big mistake if not my dear wife was not able to hear suspicious sounds. some asshole broke into my car, broke the driver side lock as well (up until this point i had bus that had only one key for the doors... now i need new lock and additional key). but thanks to my wife the thief fled empty handed 
so tomorrow i hope to get to the Spanish event - if anyone from Spain reads this, and will go to the event or knows anyone who will go - please spread the word that one used late type4 cylinder head would be useful. i have had diagnoses from broken valve to broken head. so i think a spare head will do no harm... i must remove the engine and disassemble it anyway to see the cause of all the problems. let's see what tomorrow will bring Smile